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Message from Keith McNamara, Managing Director


  Ćwierć wieku (i Globalna Pandemia) a my Nadal Mocno Się Trzymamy


Quarter of a Century (and a Global Pandemic), and Still Going Strong 


To everyone in Tayside Contracts 


I hope you and your families had a great Easter, and those of you lucky enough to be off on holiday have a well-deserved break, from what has been a very intense year. As ever, I'd also like to record my heartfelt thanks to our people who have continued to work over the Easter period, because many of our vital activities have to continue, to support the needs of people in Tayside, no matter what day of the year it is. 


As the days are getting longer, and as some of the COVID restrictions begin to lift (I'm writing this on the day that hairdressers and garden centres can now reopen, hooray!), I'm very much looking forward to the day that I can get out of lockdown, and can visit as many of our people as possible, to meet you personally, and say thank you for all you've done over the last extremely challenging year, in keeping our valuable public services going.


This April is also a very special milestone for Tayside Contracts, as we mark the 25th year since we were formed - going all the way back to April 1996 (‘How Deep is Your Love’ by Take That was no 1 in the charts, and a pint of beer was £1.89, in the days that we were allowed to go to pubs).  


When I think about all the things that you have achieved for our communities over these years - the thousands of miles of roads maintained; keeping people safe over 25 winters; the countless millions of nutritious and healthy school meals we have prepared; the hundreds of thousands of children we have got safely to school; and the thousands of public buildings we have kept safe and clean over these 25 years - I think what an incredible achievement this has been - even more so this year and last, as we’ve overcome the many challenges that the pandemic has put our way.


With the COVID restrictions still in place, we will have to delay any official celebrations to mark our 25th anniversary until more of us can be together, and we will of course continue to commemorate this milestone for Tayside Contracts throughout the year.  However, in the meantime, I couldn't let this moment pass without highlighting the tremendous achievements made possible by our people (past and present) in Tayside Contracts - who have enhanced the communities of Tayside with our excellent services every day.


So once again thank you very much for everything you do for each other and for our communities, and I’m really looking forward to seeing you, once we come out of lockdown. 

Keith McNamara 
Managing Director 



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