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School Crossing Patrol

The provision of the School Crossing Patrol Service, although not a statutory requirement, is a service which is well regarded and appreciated by the school community. The provision of this service is a major factor in road safety in the journey to and from school for large numbers of the school population and wider community.

School Crossing Patroller operate 190 days per year during school term time.

School Crossing Patrollers are trained by Tayside Contracts and have the authority to stop traffic when they are wearing the approved uniform and carrying the correct 'stop' sign, and it is an offence for drivers not to stop.

The School Crossing Patrol service is delivered in accordance with the guidelines provided by Road Safety GB, LARSOA, ROSPA and the 'School Crossing Patrol Service Handbook'.

Establishment of Crossing Sites

School crossing patrol sites are established at the Councils' request based on set criteria.

Parental Responsibility

It should be noted that ultimately parents are responsible for their children's safety on route to and from school. This is regardless of whether or not a School Crossing Patrol is provided.

If you have any queries regarding the School Crossing Patrol Service, please contact your local council.

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