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Our Equality Duties

Tayside Contracts as a local authority has a legal duty to promote race, disability and gender equality.

The race equality duty was introduced in 2002 followed by the disability equality duty in 2006 and gender equality duty in 2007. The duties are designed to place an obligation on public bodies to actively promote equality which will lead to improved decisions on policies and better service delivery. The emphasis is on meeting the needs of all equality groups rather than a one size fits all approach.

This duty to promote involves preparing and publishing a race, disability and gender equality scheme setting out how we will meet the general and specific

We have chosen to produce a Single Equality Scheme incorporating race, disability and gender which will be published in March 2010.

Race Equality Scheme

Disability Equality Scheme Annual Report 

Disability Equality Scheme

Gender Equality Scheme

Gender Equality Scheme 2007-2010 Review of Progress

Employment Monitoring Statistics

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