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Health and Safety Information


As the UK and Scottish Governments continue to put additional measures in place to delay the spread of COVID-19.  We have summarised below some of the key points to bear in mind regarding your health and safety and the steps we have taken.


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Protocol for Suspected or Confirmed COVID-19 Cases

SWA COVID-19 Health and Safety Guidance Document  

This safe working arrangement has been written and developed to help all employees work safely during the coronavirus pandemic.  The document  identifies the key areas of responsibilities, risk control and guidance to manage the risk locally and has been written in accordance with the Scottish Government and Health Protection Scotland Guidance. The arrangement also highlights the need to ensure everyone is informed and understand our control measures arising from the relevant COVID-19 risk assessments.  To assist with this we have developed 4 toolbox talks centred around Physical Distancing/ Handwashing and Hygiene/ Cleaning/ Monitoring symptoms, and these are listed below.

Toolbox Talk Covid-19

TBT-00-Toolbox Talk Train The Trainer


00 Registration and Guidance

00 Registration and Guidance - POLISH

00 Registration and Guidance - LATVIAN

00 Registration and Guidance - LITHUANIAN


Construction      Office Based    Facilities     









01 Physical Distancing  

01 Physical Distancing  

01 Physical Distancing 01 Physical Distancing 01 Physical Distancing 01 Physical Distancing 

02 Handwashing and Hygiene 

02 Handwashing and Hygiene 02 Handwashing and Hygiene 02 Handwashing and Hygiene 02 Handwashing and Hygiene 02 Handwashing and Hygiene

03 Cleaning 

03 Cleaning  03 Cleaning  03 Cleaning 03 Cleaning 03 Cleaning

04 Monitoring Symptoms   

04 Monitoring Symptoms 04 Monitoring Symptoms 04 Monitoring Symptoms 04 Monitoring Symptoms 04 Monitoring Symptoms











Guidance on Wearing Face Coverings in Vehicles                   Guidance on Wearing Face Coverings in Vehicles (Polish)


COVID-19 Generic Risk Assessment

We are utilising our generic risk assessment process and have undertaken an evaluation of the activities we are engaged in and assessed the risks posed by COVID-19 both in terms of the generic risks which will be relevant to all operations and those which are more specific to parts of our business and services. Appropriate control measures arising from these risk assessments have been introduced and will be strictly adhered to and monitored by management.


Existing Risk Assessments

Existing risk assessments remain valid and current however if there is reason to suspect they are no longer valid or there has been a significant change in the matters to which they relate or they are impacted by COVID-19 they will be reviewed, revised and communicated as necessary.


Personal Protective Equipment

Personal Protective Equipment Requirements COVID-19 

If the assessment identifies that PPE is an appropriate control measure, appropriate PPE will be provided.  

The law and Tayside Contracts’ position is clear that if it is not possible to do the work safely then the work should not be carried out.

We continue to regard this as a rapidly evolving situation and therefore we are utilising our COVID-19 Generic Risk Assessments to inform our existing risk assessments with additional and agreed control measures.  These will be monitored by managers to ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of our employees.


Risk Assessment Documentation:

RA Generic Vehicles COVID-19       RA Construction COVID-19      RA Generic Office Based All Divisions/Units COVID-19 


RA Good Handling and Deliveries RA Catering RA Cleaning
RA Porterage and Janitorial Duites    RA Cleaning Post Covid-19








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