Tay Cuisine CPU

The Tay Cuisine Central Production Unit (CPU) is located in the Claverhouse West Industrial Estate just off the A90 Dundee - Forfar Road.

Tayside Contracts provides 6.5 million meals per year, to schools and community meals service.

The Tay Cuisine Central Production Unit (CPU) is located in the Claverhouse West Industrial Estate just off the A90 Dundee - Forfar Road.

In 2020, the Tay Cuisine facility underwent major refurbishment and conversion to become the supplier of school meals in Angus, Dundee, Perth and Kinross, as well as Community Meals in Dundee.

The  School Meals Service in Dundee and Angus and the Community Meals Service in Dundee have undergone a transformation to enable the implementation of the new cook freeze service delivery model. The new model brings many benefits to the service users, which include a wide choice of consistently high-quality meals. The conversion to the CPU service delivery model has also future proofed the catering service for Tayside Contracts’ constituent Councils, who are now in an excellent position to cope with any new initiative which may increase the number of meals they require, such as the extension of free school meal entitlement or any other initiative which would ordinarily put pressure on the infrastructure in schools and other facilities.

The Tay Cuisine CPU was designed and built to offer the flexibility of increasing production significantly by introducing additional shifts. If required, production can be extended to 24-hour 365-day which would significantly increase production capacity. This spare capacity will allow other customers to benefit from Tayside Contracts’ CPU service delivery model.

Tayside Contracts’ School and Community Meals services are of a high quality and fully comply with the Scottish Government’s Healthy Eating and Nutritional Legislation and other guidance. Our range of fully compliant recipes and menus are developed in house by our fully qualified Food and Nutrition Team and Menu Development Chef. The experience and professionalism of the whole catering team is available to other customers who may want to take the stress, risk, inconvenience and expense out of providing the school and community meals service within their Council or other organisation.

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