School Catering
Meals & Nutrition

Tayside Contracts continuously develops catering services to improve standards, delivering healthy, safe, nutritious and delicious meals to 189 schools across Tayside.

Tayside Contracts provides 6.5 million meals per year, to schools and community meals service.

We deliver a fully compliant school meal service meeting all the essential criteria such as nutrition, quality and value for money, whilst also providing variety based on an understanding of customer needs.

Only the finest ingredients purchased from reputable suppliers throughout a robust procurement process are used in our meals.

School Catering

Tayside Contracts works closely with pupils, parents and stakeholders in the continuous development of school meals. This approach ensures that lunch menus deliver fresh, high quality nutritious meals that meet legislative requirements and which are appealing to pupils.

Our menus meet the statutory nutrient standards set by the Scottish Government.

Medically prescribed diets can be catered for, please contact your local council education department for further information.

Nursery & Primary School Meals Service

To help pupils and parents understand the regulations Tayside Contracts are required to adhere to when developing menus, please click on the video link below.

Adapted Menus

Adapted menus for medically prescribed diets can be catered for, information for this can be found in the downloads at the bottom of this page.

School Trip Packed Lunches

A packed lunch can be provided for school trips. This can be pre-ordered using the form which is downloadable at the bottom of this page.

We ask that you: print the form, complete and return to the school office in advance of the trip.

Secondary School Meals Service

To assist secondary pupils to make informed meal choices, our lunch menus, allergy information and associated nutritional information can be found on our online gateway, along with the current school menus, which are downloadable at the bottom of this page.

All pupils with allergies are encouraged to refer to this information. Further information is available through the School Catering Team.

Secondary Lunch at School - Leaflets

A selection of information leaflets for secondary pupils can be found at the bottom of this page:

School Meals Nutrition & Allergen Gateway

For allergen and nutritional information (including carbohydrates) click on the appropriate menu below.

Nursery Menu Gateway 2024-2025

Lower Primary Menu Gateway 2024-2025

Upper Primary Menu Gateway 2024-2025

Secondary Menu Gateway 2024-2025

How to use the Nutrition and Allergen Gateway

Menus & Information

Click the heading below, to review and download the information you require.

Adapted Menus - Documents from 2012Nursery School Meals ServicePrimary School Meals ServiceSchool Trip Packed LunchesSecondary School Meals ServiceSecondary Lunch at School LeafletsCommunity Meals

Any school lunches related queries please email