Accessibility Statement

We are committed to making this website as accessible as possible to users with visual, hearing, motor or cognitive impairments.

Our Website

The design of our website includes a number of accessibility features including:

  • The ability to adjust text sizes
  • Alternative texts for images

Text Size

The text on our pages can be made larger by doing the following:

If you find the text on this site too small or too big you can change it using your browser menu. The default size for most browsers is "medium" or "100%".

In your browser:

  1. Select the :: menu at the top right of the browser window
  2. Select Zoom
  3. Select your choice of zoom percentage size using the + and - buttons
  4. You can also hold CTRL and use your mouse scroll wheel

We would like to hear from you if you have had trouble with the text size on this website. Please tell us your operating system, for example "Windows 10"; your browser, for example "IEdge" and your Internet Service Provider, for example "Virgin" or "BT". We would also like to know what size you have chosen as your browser text size, for example, "medium". Contact Us.