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About Tayside Contracts

Tayside Contracts is a commercially based local authority contracting organisation providing catering, cleaning, roads maintenance, vehicle maintenance and winter maintenance throughout the Tayside area of Scotland.

We are the commercial trading arm of the Councils of Angus, Dundee City and Perth and Kinross and employ approximately 2500 people operating out of in excess of 300 establishments. Tayside Contracts operates under a Joint Committe comprising of elected members from each constituent council.

We recognise that our work has a direct impact on the community and never forget that whether we are serving meals, cleaning buildings, maintaining roads or vehicles we are shaping our own environment. Because we take as much pride in where we live as we do in our work, you can be doubly sure about our commitment to quality.

We have a wide range of both public and private sector clients. This site will tell you more about us, whether you are a potential client, prospective employee or interested in the training programmes we run. Please take the time to find out exactly how we can benefit you.

Working in Parthnership

One of the most important attributes that Tayside Contracts has displayed over the years is our ability to form partnerships at all levels. Whether with our customers or suppliers, our people or their families, with Trade Unions or the end users of our services, we appreciate that success is a joint venture. The ability to understand and work with such a diverse range of interested parties gives us the belief that everything we do comes with the moral authority of the wider community.

Among our many partnerships with the public and private sector, one has been recognised as a demonstration project in the construction industry under the Government’s Movement for Innovation (M4) scheme.

It is perhaps appropriate to describe much of what we do at Tayside Contracts as forming alliances which will deliver services in the most efficient and effective way for the public.


When you combine the wealth of experience we have accrued over the years with our attitude of always looking for better work methods, the result is innovation. Today, the “Best Value Regime” is recognised by most companies as the way forward and has acted as a catalyst for many of the innovative solutions that have become synonymous with Tayside Contracts.

These include:

  • Development of recycling centres
  • Development of reed bed systems for treating gully waste
  • Development of a computer costing system in partnership with the private sector
  • Partnering agreements with the private and public sector
  • Development of new types of materials
  • Modernisation of working practices


With the diversity of work that we carry out at Tayside Contracts, we are constantly aware of our contribution to the environment. Whatever we do, we recognise the responsibility we have in considering wider environmental concerns. For example, before we address the issue of how to sensibly dispose of waste materials, we investigate the potential for recycling. We also give preference to alternative cleaner sources of energy in our desire for a safer and cleaner environment. Cutting down on vehicle journeys, and reducing noise pollution are two other areas that we have initiated and which have contributed towards Tayside Contracts being recognised by winning the following environmental awards:

  • 1999 – Tayside Investors in People Club award for Innovation
  • 2000 – Association of Direct Labour Organisations and Municipal Journal award for Innovation in Service Delivery
  • 2000 – Green Apple National Environmental award
  • 2001 – VIBES (Vision in Business for the Environment of Scotland) Regional and National Winner in the 250+ employees category
  • 2002 Association for Public Services Excellence Awards - Best Sustainability/Environmental Initiative winner

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Current highlights

Tayside Contracts Joint Committee

Tayside Contracts Joint Committee

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Audited Annual Accounts 2016-17

Audited Annual Accounts 2016-17

Audited Accounts for the year 2016-17

Annual Performance Report

Annual Performance Report

Tayside Contracts Annual Performance Report for the year 2016-2017

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